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Lite general info

Lite assembly

Opening + reassembly


Twist and turn the shaft through the maze and avoid the traps that return you to the beginning. Please do not use excessive force as this may damage the maze.


Re-insert the end plug and gently tighten the grub screw (do not over tighten). If the lock tool is still attached, insert the maze to the centre and release the lock tool. The maze is now ready.


When complete the pin will push up allowing the lock tool to be attached to hold it in the up position to facilitate the maze removal.


If the lock tool is not attached, use the maze end cap on the maze side and then push the maze into the sleeve. Next remove the end cap and reset the maze to the middle ready for use.


Using the 1.3mm Allen key provided, loosen the grub screw to release the end plug to gain access to the certificate bar.


Congratulations on opening your puzzle; have fun challenging yourself with resolving it, or why not recommend it to a family or friend?

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