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Discover the exquisite Handmade V2 puzzle - special edition. Embark on a journey through the intricate and captivating maze crafted with precision and care. Planned to be produced and sent in September 2024, our customers will be kept informed via email.


What makes the Handmade V2 puzzle special?


Featuring a black sleeve from VAULTMAZE with a fixed pin on the outside, this rare collector's piece is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts seeking a unique challenge. Please go to 'notify when available' to express your interest, there are a small number left.


Please note: the V2 features the original maze from the V1 with a brass shaft. The V2 concept was created due to a leftover of sleeves. Collectors have been contacted first to share the availability of pre-ordering. Pictures will be updated as soon as possible.

Handmade V2 puzzle - special edition

SKU: 02090
Excluding VAT
Out of stock
    • Released: 2024 (TBC)
    • Level: master.
    • Rating: 90 / 100.
    • Average solve: 95 – 150 hours.
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