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Black Lite reviews

Immerse yourself in a world of mazes and unleash your curiosity with REVOMAZE Lite. Read reviews from puzzlers worldwide, the reduced-size version of the classic REVOMAZE is perfect for both avid puzzlers and problem solvers looking for a challenge.


Lindsey, USA

I honestly love how small and compact it is especially because his previous puzzles were a little bit bulky or so they were harder for him to carry around so I think he's going to thoroughly enjoy the puzzle being small enough to fit into his pocket and he can take it with him. 

Bluedot99, USA

 Very nice premium feel, not too heavy but not light or “cheap”
- smaller than I imagined, but that makes it nice and portable
- external pin doesn’t bother me (I was unsure about that one) and it does mean it won’t easily roll off a surface if left unattended.

Sam, UK

It has arrived. It is a thing of beauty. I couldn’t resist a bit of an explore around the maze as soon as I saw it. It’s so delicate and seems a significantly refined feel over the (nylon?) obsession. 😃

Reviewed by Mike Evans - puzzler and tester 


"The size and the weight are taking some getting used to, though it weighs more than I thought it would.


It feels great in the hand, I thought the pin mechanism would be bit of an annoyance but most of the time I don't even notice it's there. It's also great that you can set the maze down and don't have to worry about it rolling off of anything.


The maze feels great in the hand, still feels really premium and like a Revomaze should.


In the first 5 minutes or so, moving the core in and out of the sleeve felt a little stuttery, but once the lube inside had shifted about that feeling went away and it became buttery smooth again.


The click is still really audible as well, even though the pin and spring are smaller it's still distinct enough to know when you've fallen in a trap.


The knurling is a really nice touch and really helps with grip on the core.


The maze itself feels surprisingly big, it's incredible how much travel room there is in something so small, I can't wait to get it open to see how the space is used.


If anyone else uses their thumb to push the core into the sleeve, unless you have small thumbs you'll have to adapt to use one of your fingers, mine gets stuck at the knuckle. This isn't really an issue though, just a compromise on making the maze smaller.


My only question for HQ so far is about the lack of dot on the sleeve, I don't know if there's one on the core either, if there is, then I haven't seen it yet.


Without the dot I've got no reference point to know when the maze is close to being solved, but it's not solved yet so there could be something on the core that I haven't found.


So far though, everything feels like a Revomaze and it's great that the feeling is the same. If you're on the fence about trying a lite I recommend you go for it, so far I definitely think it's worth the price.

I'm hoping to have it solved soon and get to write more comprehensive thoughts about the experience, but unfortunately one of my pets had an amputation on Friday and has to be under 24 hour watch for the time being.

I'll take some pictures later of the lite, packaging and compare it to a regular Revomaze. Speaking of the packaging, inside the box is the usual foam packaging, the maze, a reset tool. And inside the bubble wrap that the box came in is an Allen key (I assume for the certificate) and a business card with a QR code for more information. The box is a nice looking little box with a magnet to hold the lid shut with a little pull tab to open it Honestly I'm really happy with everything so far.

Honestly I'm loving the lite, it's the usual Revo experience in a much smaller package, and without the associated hand cramps that go with the regular mazes."

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