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Lite general info

Opening and reassembly guidance

Dear puzzler,


Thank you so much for supporting our new Lite puzzles. We were super excited about the release, and we really wanted to make sure they lived up to high expectations and brought tons of fun and value to all our customers.


We really hope the Lite's range brings you a lot of joy and satisfaction. Your feedback means the world to us, so please feel free to get in touch with Chris and Rachel at with any comments or thoughts you have.


Disclaimer: after a lot of use, the stainless steel pin might rub against the anodising, but we wanted to make sure it gave that super satisfying 'click' sound. There are no marks on the sleeve, the end of the maze could be anywhere (new feature to the Lite's)


We're also considering selling individual maze packs for display purposes once you've solved the puzzle. We're always open to hearing your suggestions, so if you'd like to share your feedback for the upcoming Lite's, feel free to email us at


Please note, this page might change based on feedback from the Black, stay tuned :)

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mapping template ✍️ 

Hi there, here are some instructions to help you enjoy your new maze puzzle:


Gently navigate the shaft through the maze, making sure to avoid the traps that reset the maze. Please handle it carefully to avoid any damage.


To reset the maze, use the cap tool to push the shaft through and return the maze to the starting position.


 Once you've finished, a pin will pop up, allowing you to use a small pair of tweezers to remove the maze.


 Lastly, remove the end cap, and reset the maze for the next challenge.


To retrieve your certificate of completion, please use the 1.3mm Allen Key provided, to loosen the grub screw.


Congratulations on solving the puzzle. Share the fun with your family and friends, and let us know if you have any questions or comments. 

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