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Since the mazes were first sold, Christopher Pitt, the puzzle inventor, has received hundreds of comments from our global customer base. It is always a pleasure to hear from puzzlers who share their a-maze-ing journeys with us. To feature your comments, please contact us; we'd love to hear from you.

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Steve, USA

"Interested parties, I am an avid puzzle enthusiast and quite a critic on 'quality issues' and 'craftsmanship'. It's sometimes the small things that make the most difference in being overall 'satisfied' with a 'non-essential' item for personal amusement.

In this age of high tech gadgetry like the iPod and the iTouch it's hard to imagine something could be 'cool' without internet compatibility. But I have to tell you these unique puzzles are quite amazing!


Unlike most of your yama-who-whats-its.. after solving these puzzles you can do it over and over. One slip up and you go all the way back to the beginning.... so, not unlike the 'Super plexus' it takes repetitive practice and learned 'in-game' puzzle experience to finish. 


For the price this puzzle is worth its weight in fun for the money. The packaging is '5 star'. The puzzle comes in a laser cut foam padded box with a magnetic's really nice...a wooden stand with a REVOMAZE name plate is also provided for a small cost... along with a velveteen draw string pouch for 'on the go' puzzling. 


These are no run of the mill 'Walmart' puzzles, these are family heirloom collectables ...easily able to withstand years of use. Anyone from amateur puzzler to Puzzle Expert can enjoy this puzzle.. and it is a great 'brain game' workout as well!. I was surprised at how quickly I didn't need to look at my cheat sheet, as I started to memorize the 'way'.

DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY WITHOUT TRYING ONE! Congratulations Chris's amazing" 

Shaun, UK

"Woohoo Silver open wow that was great what a feeling top work Chris loved the end and wicked idea just before - wow.

Once again Chris the hardest and best puzzle I've ever done can't wait to see what you have for us next."

Ricky, UK

"Many many thanks for a wonderful product / challenge. I will eventually get the green but my 9 year old son would like one of the limited edition 250 Reds for me to solve so he can see what the prize is :)
I'm not sure my fingers are up to it lol. But I'll give it my best shot.

Keep up the excellent work Chris. Would love to have seen you at the Gadget show. But work commitments prohibit me from coming :("

Jérémy, FR

"Congratulations for this puzzle, very nice ideas inside ^^ and lot of fun to do it :)"

George, USA

"Hey Chris,

The Bronze is done. I was just so excited. It took me roughly 25-35 hours. I'm not quite sure. I really enjoyed this puzzle. Your clues were fabulous. I love the "new" features of this one.

I know from your background info that you're a mechanical engineer, if I read right. I am actually thinking of going into that field myself.

I just love your puzzles, and can't wait for the next one. It looks like, from your web site, that there are more to come. I can't wait."

William, USA

"Awesome puzzle. Can't wait for the next one. Hands down the best puzzle I've solved to date."

Richard, UK

"Hi Chris,

I’m disappointed it’s taken me so long, but on the other hand, I’ve had a delightful two weeks of puzzling enjoyment, gradually building up the image of the maze in my mind. Finally cracked it open last night!"

Michael, DE

"Sorry, I opened it before I got around to register. Will now order the Green one. Your puzzle is absolutely addictive.  In case you are interested I found you in Wired Magazine."

Mike, CA

"Good afternoon Chris,


I can't say that I'll be in a rush to re-assemble this - it was brutal on my arm. I am in awe over the craftsmanship of the Bronze - what inspired such a mechanism?"

William, USA

"Awesome puzzle. Can't wait for the next one. Hands down the best puzzle I've solved to date."

Anthony, UK


I spent an hour with one of your Green puzzles at the London puzzles & magic meeting so I knew what I was letting myself in for. I collect unusual puzzles, and I enjoy very hard puzzles - I'm interested in puzzle difficulty and the balance between obfuscation and solvability.

So far, I'm very pleased as although it was tricky to find a) there were ledges b) where they led, I feel I am making progress and I have a good mental map of where the path could go - just got to find the connecting ledges. I can write down what I suspect if that would be interesting (or perhaps amusing!) for you.

I'm not making any progress on finding the clue though!"

Ivan, IT

"My name is Ivan, I'm Italian and 2 days ago I received a Blue Revomaze as a gift.

I loved very very much this puzzle, I think it's absolutely brilliant and I planned to buy the Green Revomaze as soon as possible.

I'm so sad that my poor English cannot describe my satisfaction and admiration for this puzzle (and for your work in designing it).

Thanks in advance for your support!"

Harold, USA

"Bronze 60-70 hours. This one was nearly had me beat. I can’t wait for the Silver!!! "

Garret, CA

"This puzzle is absolutely the best, and I'm not even very far through it yet :)"

Jeff, USA

"It took me approximately 15 hours to solve the puzzle, and about 3 minutes to actually open it on the successful attempt. Great puzzle, I found it a very unique experience. I even threatened to wrap a couple hundred dollars around the center shaft and give it to my wife for Christmas next year!"

Mike, USA

"After quite a bit of agonizing, but also a great deal of fun. I managed to solve the maze. Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was very nice to find the signed certificate on the inside."

Louis, NE

"It was a fantastic experience! Now it's open, I have studied the inside, and I am surprised by the simplicity of the puzzle construction and the ingenuity of the method to hold the certificate inside.


Very smart, very well engineered too! After feeling the excitement of 'conquering' this unique puzzle, and after seeing the smart & solid puzzle construction, I am convinced that I want all of the 5 puzzles. I want them to keep me busy, to frustrate me with traps, to excite me at the moment I open them, and to allow me to prove that I can conquer all of them. If I knew this one month ago, I would have pre-ordered the whole set right away." 

Chris, UK

"Have to say it's a wonderful piece of kit! Superb, top quality puzzle!" 

Ewan, UK

"Top quality puzzle, with beautiful packaging. Well done guys I am seriously impressed" 

Brian, USA

"Thanks for the experience! I'm a word puzzle lover, and although I've enjoyed some of the (Hanamaya?) metal puzzles, I'm really not experienced with such puzzles. This was wonderfully challenging, pleasing from a point of craftsmanship, and...what a sense of accomplishment! Well done for creating this."

Jim, USA

"Thanks for an entertaining puzzle and yes, I have the Green and Bronze on order now ;-)"

Bill, USA

"What a great puzzle! Very clever! Thanks again for creating such a great puzzle. I can truly appreciate the engineering that went into the design."

Adam, USA

"I'd like to say that the Revomaze Blue was one of the most impressive puzzles I've ever experienced.  I've opened the ISIS, the RAMISIS, the Kuku and several others that would fall into a similar "high-end puzzle category" but this was BY FAR my favorite. I almost wish it had taken me longer to open as I was having so much fun with it :) but that's what the next one is for!!! All in all, I probably spent about 6-7 hours with it. Thank you again for creating these...I am EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY impressed."

Doug, CA

"It's funny... I'd made it to the dot a couple of times, but I didn't realize I was at the end. (possibly because I had borrowed the Revomaze at that point and hadn't read the instructions.) well, now I own it, and I now owe my friend a replacement :-)

Excellent puzzle! You probably hear that all the time, but it really was a lot of fun."

Harald, DE

Hi Rachel,

My dad received his long awaited present. He likes the puzzles very much & is glad to have another one. It was again worth the purchase. Thank you for all the support & updates.


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