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Welcome to the resources area. Created for everyone who wants to learn more about the mazes, whether they're new or have been with us for a while.

Please contact if you have any additional questions, it would be great to hear from you.

Guides are in the works and will be available over time. We will notify you once they are live.


Beginning your maze journey

If you are new to the mazes and want to learn more or buy the maze(s), this section of information is intended to be a useful guide.

We encourage registering on our site to receive forum and blog notifications, which are regularly updated.

We have a variety of social media channels to stay in touch with as many people as possible; the most active and recommended is the user group forum, and the most recent form of interacting with all puzzlers is the Discord community.

The community welcomes questions and offers helpful ideas and insights, making it an excellent way to stay informed. On the announcements thread, we post blog updates and news.

To reach Chris and Rachel, please use our most recent team email,, where we strive to be as responsive as possible.

You can contact Rachel via Discord, the user group forum, or the Facebook business page.


Buying mazes and methods for doing so

Our website displays the products that we now manufacture and produce. If the item is in stock, we strive to deliver it within 7 business days.


If an item is intended to be created but cannot be shipped right now, it will be marked as a pre-order, with a shipping timeframe in the works. Please keep in mind that it can be prolonged if the processes take longer than expected, especially among a small team.

Sign up for the 'be notified when it's available' function on the product page to receive notifications when unavailable products become available on our site.

If you're looking to buy rare puzzles, the secondhand market is quite busy. In terms of selling, buying, and lending, the best place to join is Discord. Solvers of puzzles meet or send their puzzles to be sold or lent.

Excellent resources for finding what's on sale include eBay, Puzzle Paradise, and the Facebook group.


Obtaining assembly instructions

We have a number of assembly guides available upon request and will do everything we can to assist you. If a video is preferred, and you are a visual learner, this is not an issue and can be provided upon request.

The user group forum and Discord offer assembly guides from HQ in open groups. If you want to join the groups, please email us or one of the administrators. We can be contacted directly or tagged to ensure that we receive it.


Cleaning and general tips

We track and get requests to keep your mazes in the finest possible shape. Chris, the puzzle inventor, has provided many tips over time, which have been compiled.

A cleaning and general suggestions guide will be available in the resources section soon. Keep an eye on this space...

Image by Marvin Meyer

Let's get

The team enjoys connecting with you all, listening to your thoughts, and sharing the newest behind-the-scenes information to guarantee you never miss an update.


We like being active on the following social media channels. Please email if you want to work with us or have any general inquiries.

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