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Customer stories: discovery of the mazes

Hello everyone,

I thought I would try something different for today's blog post. I have compiled or read reviews from Revo supporters or those who enjoy mazes, and you can read about how they found the mazes. Each story is unique and interesting to read from various perspectives, so we hope you enjoy reading. If you would like to include yours or are interested in part 2, please comment or contact

"I always enjoyed puzzles and at the time I had a long commute twice a day... so after running of all the metal puzzles I had I was looking for something that would keep me busy. So I did a little research and ended up with buying all of the RM´s that had been available at the time."

By Sven, DE "I got the isis, then sat down to crack the code, then onto the puzzle. I immediately came to dislike the isis after finding the first step is to hit it really quite hard on something to dislodge a magnet. Finding out this was a solution to quite an expensive puzzle was really off putting. So I did some research into the company and found that Chris had worked on the ramisis, then had split ways with sonic warp and started his own adventure.

After finding that out I did some research, found out that bronze was a fan favourite thinking it would be relatively easy, so I got one. Upon receiving it I was immediately humbled  after a month of swimming in the pool I decided to go to an easier level so I picked up a green obsession. Then after another month or so with the green, I was humbled again. That's when I got a blue v2 from someone on the forums, solved that and fell in love with the puzzles. After solving blue and green, I got titanium.

I hit a wall with titanium so started work on bronze again. Whilst working on the bronze I had the a-ha moment for how to finish titanium. It was a beautiful moment where what I envisioned in my mind directly translated to paper then a full solve. It remains to this day my favourite revo moment and it made me really fall in love with the series. And I've never been the same since."

By Mike, UK

"I was first introduced to metal puzzles at the office 2007 and it was Hanayama Enigma & Chain. When I learned that multiple puzzles existed in the Hanayama series I ordered my first own puzzles 2008. I started to search for other metal puzzles a couple of days later I ordered an Isis puzzle from SonicWarp.

After I opened the Isis puzzle, I was hooked and decided to start collecting metal puzzles. I found Puzzle Master and started my collection with some cheaper puzzles and later I also continued with more Hanayama puzzles and Ramisis.

I found the Revomaze forum July 2011 and joined to learn more but initially I didn’t thought a hidden maze was something for me and due to several puzzles had already been released I thought it was a little bit too much money for me and for this puzzle hobby.

One year later, after saving money and reading more about mapping etc, I decided to go all in with Revomaze and I ordered the CE-set and Orange Extreme followed by Lime Extreme and a used Red Extreme.

I started my journey by solving Orange followed by Red and Lime due to the delayed CE-set. I now knew that Revomaze is the best puzzle you can find."

By prodigy, SWE 'I've really put some thought to it in the last couple of days trying to remember how I was introduced. It was fairly early on, as I have a registration email for Blue dated June 23, 2010, but it's just been far too long to recall. I eventually opened Blue probably 2015/2016, but I don't have an email to that effect.

My next purchases were Copper and Bronze in April 2017, then the long gap as they sat in a box until late 2022 when I picked Bronze back up and opened in January 2023, then I got the collector bug. I'm up to 13 (plus the pre-ordered Handmade), all of Vaultmaze and all of the Lites pre-ordered, and here we are...."

By Randall, USA

"Hello, everyone,

I wanted to tell you about my journey with my silver.

It all started in February of this year: I saw a YouTube video about the 6 hardest puzzles in the world. The Revomaze's were also represented there. I was immediately interested and thought that they were easy for me because I had a good sense of imagination and a lot of fine feeling.

Then I read a few reviews (thanks to Allard and Kevin: super reviews). I was immediately taken with the silver.

So I wanted to buy a silver, but didn't found one. But I was so fascinated by the Revos that I ordered an Aqua. After 4 weeks, on my birthday, it arrived and I was immediately thrilled. After 3 days I had it open and was enthusiastic about the core.

A couple of weeks later I found a silver on ebay. Afterwards, I know it was way too expensive, but I wanted a silver. After another 4 weeks it arrived! I've read a lot about silver. I drew a very accurate map from the first part.

I imagined impossible and funny things, how to go on. After 2 weeks I decided to ask for help here in the forum. Because I wanted to get ahead. Orko helped me, after putting it into the freezer and use much more force. There was a problem. I was completely overwhelmed, because I didn't see any way to go on.

Then about a week later I wanted to see if I could solve anything. Wait that's different, rough, no click, I noticed the adrenaline shooting in my head, what a feeling. I didn't know what I was doing^^^

And now I was trapped in a small room and could not/not move at all. After a week Orko and Dorothea tried to help me too. After some time I brought the silver to Dorothea to get back on track. No luck, so I sent the silver back to Chris.

Dorothea told me more about the Silver. I liked it, but it could take some fun/time. But then I saw a second Silver and bought it for myself.

I took a 5 minute break and then went on and luckily I made it the first time. Phew, the dots are alined! I opened the silver. I opened it at 23 o clock. And I couldn't fall asleep till 3 o' clock ^^ too much adrenaline.

I would like to thank Dorothea, Orko and prodigy very much. For the great things you've done for me.

Kind regards,


By Cpt.Blood, DE

"I first seen Revomaze on YouTube (Mr. Puzzle) video in about 2020. I have been collecting for the last few years and I’m hooked. Looking forward to the Vaultmaze and the Lite version also."

By Terry, USA

"I have sold most of my puzzles, but kept the ones that I enjoyed solving again. I do look forward to the lite as the size of the original Revomaze made it odd to carry around."

By Christopher, USA

"If I recall correctly I discovered the mazes through a YouTube video of some sort but I couldn't afford it back in the day. This was before COVID. I really liked the all metal components that it was made out of and was really intrigued by its compact & sleek design & a very fresh approach to a puzzle problem.

Since I couldn't afford it at first and I am not a big puzzler myself I thought it would be a perfect present for my dad. He is a big problem solver and has a soft spot for precise machined & high quality parts.

I bought him his first puzzle (a Blue V3) for Christmas 2022 and he solved it pretty fast over the holidays and even made a contraption with a pencil to mark out the lanes of the maze with no outside input like the Internet.

I now plan on gifting him one per year with increasing difficulty."

By Harald, DE

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