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Glimpses into the creation of Black Lite at HQ

Updated: Mar 25

Hello 👋 welcome to our blog. Take a look at some snippets from a day at the workshop, where the sleeves were being made for the Black Lites. The sleeves were the next job on the list after the mazes, which were completed a few weeks earlier. Scroll down to submit your vote in the poll for the colour of the sleeves for the REVOMAZE Lite - 4 set (limited edition)🗳

The reduced size of the sleeves allows us to produce the aluminium bars in-house, cut to size, and ready for use.

Following the setup of the programme, the machining process begins.

Filming the full process of creating a single sleeve.

Sleeves have switched around to do side B for the end cores.

Each sleeve is cleaned separately to remove excess oil before being placed in the box.

Sleeves are then placed in the box, in preparation for the batch to be sent to the anodisers.

Cases and foam

The cases are here, and the foam for the 8 sets is almost ready. Community question

On February 18th, when we introduced the new store and the expansion of the Lite line, we included the community to vote on the colour of the sleeve for the REVOMAZE Lite - 4 set (limited edition) there are three options to choose from; we'd like to know if you would like to see both the sleeve and the core to be anodised the same colour, such as Titanium, which would have a Titanium sleeve and core.

The second option is that each of the 4 could have a Gold sleeve with a core colour that matches the difficulty level, or thirdly a Black sleeve with a colour that matches the difficulty level.

Which sleeve colour would you choose?

  • Core and sleeve anodised in the same colour

  • Gold sleeves with coloured cores (difficulty level)

  • Black sleeves with coloured cores (difficulty level)

The poll has been closed from March 25th, 2024. The colour of the mazes for the 4 set (limited edition) was the core and sleeve anodised in the same colour with 29 votes; the vote was extremely close to the gold sleeves with coloured cores (difficulty level). As soon as all of the sets have been sold, the final result will be revealed.

Once the introductory set puzzles are ready to roll out and delivered to everyone, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the difficulty levels to see if they match what we've set. In addition, we'd enjoy to hear what people come up with for names for the maze sections, as has been done in the past, and the most creative ones will be added to the product descriptions.

Thank you for reading, and we will be back soon with more news from HQ 😀

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I really love the new rough end of the core for easier grip with fingers. It looks great.

I also can't wait for a smaller and lighter sleeve, I fell in love with the obsession for how light they are, I was able to play with it holding it in my hands. The normal metal revos I've always had to keep resting on my lap or a table. Since we're sharing requests, I wish there was a measuring ruler engraved on the core for both draw and rotation. So many people have made different forms of grippers and measuring tools. Most of these revos are too difficult to do without a map but there's no clear way how we're supposed to…


I think if there was ruler marking around the 360 degree end of the sleeve, the single ruler line on the core would be enough.

Hmm but now that I think more the line would disappear as you rotate the core so it would require having 3-4 lines to make sure there's always one visible. For those of us that map it would be a welcome thing but maybe they're trying to keep the most clean visual appearance possible.


Stian Berg Larsen
Stian Berg Larsen

Really looking forward to try out the Lites! :D

If I could add a wish, it would be that the sleeves of the first 8 Lites would be the color of the level. Instead of black. They look so nice with the colors, but all closed up on display they would now be all (almost) black.

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