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The REVOMAZE Lite - 8 set features Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, Bronze, Silver, + Gold. Enjoy 8 brand-new puzzle designs featured in one set, which is currently available for pre-order. Aimed at collectors, REVOMAZE enthusiasts, and those who enjoy progressing the series, this package is ideal.

IMPORTANT: you can get 10% off the brand-new REVOMAZE Lite - 8 set if you pre-ordered the Black Lite. To receive a unique code, please send an email to


The tools you need to access your maze, retrieve your certificate, and put your puzzle back together are included in the Tool kit that you will receive with this set. 


A special announcement: there will be two puzzles later in the year, close to Christmas, consisting of a bonus set and will be sold separately. Later in the year, more information will be available about this news.


Delivery is planned in two shipments. The schedule is as follows:


Late May, 2024 - Blue, Green, Grey, + Purple Lites (puzzles will be sent in case containing the 8 set foam)

July, 2024 - Red, Bronze, Silver, + Gold Lites


The puzzles in May require to be manufactured, while the puzzles in July require to be designed and manufactured. We will keep in touch with news on the set delivery via email.

Delivery update: due to technical delays, we're extending the production of our new Lite's. Rest assured, our dedicated machinist, Chris, is working tirelessly to bring you the best quality puzzles. In the meantime, Rachel will be here to provide you with updates and ensure that your packages are sent out as soon as they're ready.


Notice from 12/03/24: the Lite range's levels and ratings have been adjusted to reflect our new anodising company range.


Please note that the sleeve will be anodised black, while the core will be anodised the colour level. Images are temporary and will be updated after the sleeve and core have been anodised.

You can split payments into 3 with 'PayPal pay in 3' available on our site now.

REVOMAZE Lite - 8 set

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SKU: 05002
Excluding VAT
In July, the first puzzle Lite's (Blue, Green, Grey, + Purple) are scheduled to ship (ASAP)
    1. Level 1 £40 (10/100) BLUE static - introductory level
    2. Level 2 £45 (20/100) GREEN static - easy level
    3. Level 3 £50 (30/100) GREY static - beginner level
    4. Level 4 £55 (40/100) PURPLE static - standard level
    5. Level 9 ​£60 ​(70/100) RED ​static - hard level
    6. Level 11 £65 (80/100) BRONZE static - very challenging
    7. Level 13 £70 (90/100) ​SILVER - master level
    8. Level 15 £80​ (100/100) ​ GOLD - extreme level
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