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Introducing REVOMAZE Lite YELLOW (limited edition) an expert level with a difficulty rating of 85 out of 100. Become a maze master with the all-new puzzle, working your way through the maze while gliding through intricate paths along the way to become the proud owner of this one-of-a-kind puzzle.


Since the Lime was sold separately before it was included in the limited edition set, only one of the 4 sets (limited edition) will be available to buy individually. 


Notice from 12/03/24: the Lite range's levels and ratings have been adjusted to reflect our new anodising company range.


Please note, that purchasers of the LE puzzles and set will receive an email to confirm their vote for the colour of the sleeve. The core will be anodised at the colour level. We will make an announcement on Discord and forums once this is underway. Images are temporary and will be updated after the sleeve and core have been anodised.

IMPORTANT: you can get 10% off the brand-new REVOMAZE Lite - 8 set if you pre-ordered the Black Lite. To receive a unique code, please send an email to

REVOMAZE Lite YELLOW (limited edition)

SKU: 05085
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    1. REVOMAZE Lite YELLOW (YE) limited edition. The tool kit can be purchased separately via the store)
    • Level: expert.
    • Rating: 85 / 100.
    • Released: TBC.
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