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We are a small but dedicated team that includes Chris, the MD and founder, and Rachel, who is in responsible for business administration and customer relations. We strive to answer to communications within 24 hours of a working day, and we are always happy to assist with any inquiries.

We manufacture our items in-house and collaborate with suppliers to develop and produce products for our global customer base. The Revomaze Discord server, as well as the original forum where the community began, are home to a passionate and helpful growing community of people.

You can place an order on our website with confidence, since we utilise third-party banks to store and protect personal information, as detailed in our privacy policy. For more information about the company, please see our terms and conditions.


We provide worldwide delivery to all of our clients. For postal delivery, we mostly choose Royal Mail services. For courier express, we mostly work with UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

In addition to using environmentally friendly packaging that benefits both our customers and the environment, we strive to maintain as fair of costs as possible for the services we provide.

We plan to ship orders that are in stock within 7 days; if an item is not available for immediate shipment, it will be postponed as a pre-order with a target shipping date. If the expected shipment time changes, we will send an update to the email address you provided.

Please note, for any reason the package is unsigned, we'll unfortunately have to re-charge once we receive it back.


- Credit / debit cards
- PayPal / Stripe / Alipay
- Direct invoicing


Learn more about when the puzzles initially flourished and the inventor's story.


Interview with Chris Pitt and magazine VillasLife in August 2011.

Chris Pitt: my career has been in engineering, computer software development and training. My work has always been involved with problem solving and an opportunity to design a puzzle came from a mistake I made during my apprenticeship back in the 1970's. Machining grip slots on screwdriver handles I was making, I created a cutter path by turning the wrong way leaving behind a slot where the cutter had been.


My idea was replacing the cutter with a spring loaded pin; the pin would then follow the same path. During consultancy work, a puzzle was designed for a company that had many problems due to the high number of parts. I wanted to design a puzzle for myself that only had 3-4 parts and could easily be made but give a high level of challenge. Remembering my apprenticeship experience, this design was drawn on Christmas Day 2008 and then was made by myself on Boxing Day.


The puzzle was assembled very easily with a positive "click". I then realised I had no photographs of my work so had to open the puzzle. Having the drawing, I thought it would be simple. How wrong was I. The puzzle took me over 2 hours to open and the sense of achievement was amazing, I could not believe a simple design could be so rewarding (not since I tried the Rubik's cube).

Selling the puzzle online to over 60 countries, we were then amazed of the responses from everyone who opened the REVOMAZE. Since then we have included new maze designs and complex interiors to keep the faithful satisfied. We also have a 650 plus User Group who enjoy discussing the puzzles give and the fact the user can return to a known point in  a couple of seconds. Anyone who solves the puzzles really does feel they have been on a rollercoaster ride of excitement and frustration. The fact the maze cannot be seen means you have to use dexterity, memory and determination skills to get the puzzle solved. The puzzle was featured on UK national TV - the gadget show where we hoped it would reach one of those top 5 in the best gadget game category. The puzzle won the group. We have had articles in the USA and it was voted the 10th most wanted Christmas git of 2009 by the Wired magazine.

The puzzle is a 600g (metal) and 230g (plastic) cylindrical puzzle which are precision machined. The object is to manoeuvre the shaft through an internal maze without falling into traps that send the easy user back to the beginning. The puzzles take many hours to get round (quickest 2h 38m avg, 4-6h) - but the aim is always to get further each time. Once opened, the puzzle is quickly reassembled to have another go and usually takes only a few minutes to redo."

Aqua, Blue, Green, and Bronze

Begin your quest...

  • Why was the site name changed to 'The Puzzle Company?'
    As a team, we decided to reinvent ourselves for the new year of 2024 while also grouping the things we sell into one home. Prior to this, we released the VAULTMAZE website in March of 2023. To launch a new product line within the Revomaze family. On Christmas Eve 2023, we announced the new Lite series of products. It was a new rebranding of the original Revomaze Puzzles that was less in weight and cost. Our goal was to reintroduce the puzzles to a larger audience while also making them more cost-effective to produce and sell. As a result, we decided to create a website that is both user friendly and less confusing, allowing you to search and browse our products in one spot.
  • Will the VAULTMAZE site remain accessible?
    The VAULTMAZE website will remain accessible until the end of 2024 for our customers order history to access. We want to keep providing information about this shop on the present website because our intention is to have all of the products in one location for both viewing and buying.
  • Which puzzles are being sold?
    TPW consists of the puzzles we manufacture and sell at Revo HQ. Over time the rang will expand, the new Lite series will be available to pre-order, the traditional REVOMAZE series, and the VAULTMAZE range. We recommend visiting the user forum to learn more about the history of the products we once sold.
  • How can I express my interest in an unavailable item?
    We would recommend signing up to the back in stock notifier, it’ll ask for your full name and email address. Once a product is available, you will be notified by email.
  • How can I contact you?
    We can be reached through our website's contact form or at (primary point of contact),, and We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • What are the differences between the mazes?
    The plastic series, often known as the obsessions, distinguishes the core kinds in both V1 and V2. V1 had a detachable core, however V2 didn't. The metals, sometimes known as the extremes, have been manufactured in V1, V2, V3, and V4. V1 is one core in one piece and drawbar with a standard sized certificate, V2 is one core in one piece with smooth sleeves, V3 is a separate maze and core, along with the noticeable smaller certificates. The V4 is inspired by the VAULTMAZE components, which include a brass maze, core body, cap, stainless steel certificate bar and drawbar. We can send photographs upon request, and if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please contact
  • How do I obtain assembly instructions?
    We offer a variety of maze versions, and each is distinct from the others. If you please send an email to with your request for reassembly instructions, Chris or Rachel will send you the PDF file. If at all possible, a video of the reassembly can also be requested. In addition, the Discord and forum have a friendly and supportive community of experienced enthusiasts who can offer guidance. Guides and more information can also be found in the open groups.
  • I would like to buy my first maze, how do I know which one is right for me?
    Choosing which maze to choose if it's your first is a great question. Please be aware that the colours used to divide each maze do not correspond to the maze's level of difficulty. The three levels are introductory, intermediate, and advanced. Despite the introductory levels ranked as easier, we've heard that the mazes are still challenging and would still offer a rewarding challenge to more seasoned players. We often rate the levels on a scale of 10 to 100, with the master levels being the highest. Since user experience varies, we would suggest research beforehand and confirming the levels of difficulty. The community can also offer advice through the Discord channel and user group forum.
  • I'm stuck in the maze, is there a problem?
    If you have a maze that you haven't been able to continue through, we recommend checking the following: if the maze was purchased directly or second-hand, if you are aware it has been dropped, or if excessive force was applied. Because of the inner maze's fragility after lengthy use, it may wear or be damaged over time. If the maze is new, you may be in an area of the maze that is a trap or dead-end; we recommend mapping the routes or checking in with the community. If you are still concerned, please contact us, we will investigate further and assist you as best we can.
  • Would I find the mazes enjoyable?
    We advise people of all ages and walks of life who enjoy puzzles to give the mazes a chance; nevertheless, they are geared at experienced puzzlers due to the complexity and patience required to complete them. If you enjoy problem-solving and the joy that comes from solving puzzles, we recommend it. However, while our introductory puzzles are designed to be easier they are still challenging, they are aimed at all of our user base who want a fun start to the series; if you enjoy it, you can continue your quest, and, most importantly, it's about having fun and experiencing it.


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