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Q&A with Justin Lewis

Updated: Apr 30

Interview held in 2019.

1. How did you discover Revomaze?

I was watching YouTube one evening where a guy was solving the Lotus puzzle by Will Strijbos. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship and quality of the puzzle itself. I began seeking to find this puzzle and began searching for quality metal puzzles. It was then that I stumbled upon the Revomaze. I myself have always liked mazes throughout my childhood and the concept and the thought of taking hours to solve intrigued me. I had to give one a try, so I ordered the Aqua and Blue in December 2018.

2. Have you always had an interest in puzzles?

Yes and no. I honestly did not know puzzles of this nature and quality existed. I really like discovery puzzles and the Revomaze's as I somewhat consider them to have that surprise factor at the end when you solve them.

3. Did you first appreciate the look of Revomaze or the challenge that it seemed to be?

That is what sold me. Had there been made from plastic I would not have ordered them. I am person who cherishes quality and precision. Revomaze's bring quality, craftsmanship, and elegance all into one puzzle. It is quite a conversation stater when people come over to the house as everyone seems to want to try one.

4. If you could paint one maze any colour or pattern, how would you do it?

Flat Black, or stealth Grey that is flat in colour. I would also like t see where the maze is offered in different colours too. That would be a nice touch.

5. We know that you have a lovely small family, have you introduced your family to Revomaze yet?

Yes, my son (8 years old) is. very intrigued by them but he lacks the control and quickly loses interest because they are quite difficult. I would recommend a plastic set for young kids to get them working on their motor and memory skills. I think they would be a huge hit. Call them the junior set for kids 8-13 years old. Not too difficult but just enough to keep them wanting more. I think you would have a huge hit on your hands.

6. Would you buy more Revomaze's if they were more inexpensive?

Absolutely. Living in the United States they are pricy but worth it since the solve time can be quite long.

7. Which Revomaze's have you opened?

I've opened the Aqua and seems to be 85% done with the Blue.

8. Would you recommend Revomaze to other people?

Absolutely, I tell people it builds memory skills and is something I like to do while watching TV or movies. It is also something I take to work to get out 10 minutes at a time just to give me a break from the computer screen. If you want to build memory, it's a great tool for that. I can visually see the path still to this day of the Aqua and now the Blue. It's hard to explain to others but it really is something to solve one of these.

9. If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only use one Revomaze for a whole week, which one would you bring?

I've only used the Aqua and Blue however I have played with my Green some and it seems quite challenging. I would say Green just in case you are on that island longer than that week.

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