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Introducing REVOMAZE Lite COPPER (special edition) maze puzzle with a difficulty rating of 60 out of 100. Perfect for the avid puzzler who loves a challenge and enjoys the feeling of continual progress and unexpected twists and turns. Navigate your way through the intricate and complex maze, putting your skills to the test as you push through to find the solution. Get ready to get lost in the maze and experience the satisfaction of conquering this mind-bending puzzle.


Special note: the core will be brass unique to the special editions. Serial numbers can be requested upon pre-ordering, collector numbers will be reserved. The Pantone colours will be worked towards with the anodisers to get as accurate as possible finish.

REVOMAZE Lite COPPER (special edition)

SKU: 05060
Excluding Sales Tax
Aiming to start producton in August and dispatch commencing in September 2024.
    1. REVOMAZE Lite COPPER (CU) special edition. The tool kit can be purchased separately via the store.
    • Level: experienced.
    • Rating: 60 / 100.
    • Released: TBC.
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