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The process of creating foam for the Lites

Welcome to the blog; today's post focuses on the foam creation process at HQ for the Black Lite boxes, and we hope you enjoy watching the videos.

The Black Lites now require the final touches to ensure that they meet the expectations and are all good to be sent, such as completing the components and certificates.

Firstly, Chris describes setting up the laser machine and framing the laser with the red dot to ensure the most accurate cut for the foam. I tried it this week and once you get the hang of it, it's really nice to see it all come together, followed by putting the foam into the boxes and labelling the outer box.

The clip shows the process of uploading the file from the laptop to which the laser machine is attached, ensuring that the right file is transferred to the main PC before the foam cutout can begin.

The screen displays useful details such as the foam cut-out stage, the time it takes versus the time left; we've been looking at reducing the time while still providing a nice cut-out, and setting up a timer to see how long it takes to laser and assemble, this has helped us improve our timings.

After transferring the file, Chris goes into more detail regarding the foam's design via the TurboCAD software, where the mazes are also designed.

The process of creating the foam for the 125 boxes has commenced between us and is due to be completed this week.

During this, I've learnt that small details, such as how the stickers are peeled on the boxes, using a tool like tweezers instead of your fingers, and assembling the boxes while the laser machine is running, have proven to help the process go much more smoothly. Of course, regular tea breaks too is always a bonus. A lot is happening at HQ and the office, and more behind-the-scenes content is in the planning stages. As an apprentice, I am assisting Chris in production and trying to help wherever I can. We would appreciate hearing about any particular content you would be interested in seeing, and I will keep it in mind for future posts.

Thank you for watching / reading, an insight into of the processes at HQ, I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time...😊

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